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MusicAfter Six Years of Absence, Quang Anh Rhyder Returns With “Em La Ai” Featuring Feliks Alvin

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The song “Em Là Ai” is a splendid collaboration between Quang Anh Rhyder and producer Feliks Alvin. The song “Em Là Ai” belongs to the Deep House genre with a catchy melody performed and composed by Quang Anh Rhyder.

The music video “Em Là Ai” was released on September 19th, 2019 on POPS MUSIC’s YouTube Channel.

em la ai quang anh rhyder feliks alvin vietnam music

Source: youtube.com

The music video “Em Là Ai” describes a young couple’s love story (played by Quang Anh Rhyder and a talented actress named Vương Tuyền). This is the beautiful and pure love of the youth. In the Vpop MV “Em Là Ai”, Quang Anh Rhyder accidentally meets a girl and falls in love at first sight. The girl leaves an impression and lovesickness for him. After watching this music video, each person will recall their pure and beautiful puppy love.

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quang anh rhyder em la ai vpop music

Source: alotin.com

The music video “Em Là Ai” has been filmed in the romantic city Đà Lạt with many impressive and poetic scenes. The MV “Em Là AI” received many positive comments from the audiences due to the catchy melody combined with the quality pictures and colors.

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em la ai vuong tuyen vpop

Source: youtube.com

This music product is a careful investment that marks a professional comeback. The music video “Em Là Ai” is a huge milestone in Quang Anh Rhyder’s music career.

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The Vpop music video “Em Là Ai” currently has over 127 thousand listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this marvelous song like other songs of Quang Anh Rhyder such as “Yêu Thương Nhạt Màu”(Kiều Phạm, Quang Anh Rhyder) and “Vỡ Tan”(Quang Anh Rhyder, Mai Chí Công).

Em La Ai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpVw7cxUOJs

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I wonder why they took a absence for 6 years? Maybe they needed a break or was just focusing on toning their musician skills. Anyways its great to see them making a comeback!

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