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MusicHoa Vinh’s “Dung Quen Ten Anh” Gets Over 35 Million Views Almost Two Years After Re-Uploading It

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“Đừng Quên Tên Anh” is the first song to mark the debut of Hoa Vinh on the professional singing path.

Hoa Vinh heavily invested into this song with his acting and capturing beautiful images in the MV which helped make it a huge success.

hoa vinh dung quen ten anh mv

Source: “Dung Quen Ten Anh” music video

The song was officially released on June 12th, 2018 and “Đừng Quên Tên Anh” had more than 100 million views on the YouTube channel. A pretty big number that not many singers can do.

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hoa vinh dung quen ten anh music video

Source: “Dung Quen Ten Anh” music video

However, for some reason, the song has disappeared from YouTube from the original uploader but re-appeared. On December 18th, 2018, the song was officially re-uploaded to his own YouTube channel Hoa Vinh.

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dung quen ten anh vpop mv

Source: “Dung Quen Ten Anh” music video

The song “Đừng Quên Tên Anh” is a composition of ĐạtG. In addition, the MV was filmed by the young director Khoa Nguyễn who is behind successful hits like “Người Lạ Ơi”, “Ý Em Sao”, etc. As a young singer, the number of views has partly confirmed his success as a professional singer, although previously Hoa Vinh received a lot of mixed opinions about his singing.

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hoa vinh vpop singer

Source: baomoi.com

Despite that, Hoa Vinh tried his best to prove his singing ability and the song was supported by the audience receiving positive reception and more than 35 million views to date.

Dung Quen Ten Anh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIJHqNWMtAw

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