MusicOrange – “Me Em Nhac Anh”: A Daughter’s Heartbreaking Story of Her Mother Bringing up Her Ex-lover

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Orange officially released the song “Mẹ Em Nhắc Anh” on March 14th, 2022. It was performed by singer Orange and composed by Hamlet Trương.

This song has over 55 thousand likes on YouTube and over a million views since its inception. The MV also reached The Top 10 trending in the music category after five days of release on YouTube.

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The song is a ballad genre, describing an incomplete love story of a girl. The MV story is the same as the lyrics’ content. It revolves around the girl’s feelings after an incomplete love.

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More than that, she significantly hurts when she constantly hears from her mother reminding her ex-lover. Her mother blames her for not forgetting about him after breaking up so long ago.

orange me em nhac anh hamlet truong

credit: “Mẹ Em Nhắc Anh” MV

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In this MV, the mother witnesses the sweet moments of her daughter’s love story. She is also the one who feels the grief and pain of her daughter when her daughter breaks up with her lover. From these moments, the audience gradually feels about the sacred motherhood behind the couple’s love story. Through this MV, we can understand that after a broken heart, the most peaceful place is home and only parents love us unconditionally.

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It is known that this music product is not only a music project for his 15th-anniversary artistic activities but also a turning point for Hamlet Trương. Besides, he also shared

“more than 3 years ago, I sang the demo, many audiences expected me to launch this song as soon as possible. However, at this time, I always considered choosing a female voice for this song. Then, I met Orange. She is a funny person. We also have many friends in common. They suggested her to me.”

orange me em nhac anh mv

credit: “Mẹ Em Nhắc Anh” MV

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Since this MV, Hamlet Trương wishes to collaborate with more Gen Z music artists instead of famous veteran singers like Phạm Quỳnh Anh and Ưng Hoàng Phúc. After the song “Mẹ Em Nhắc Anh”, he also reveals that he will release more new products with many different artists in this music project.

Me Em Nhac Anh:

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Such a sad song but I feel like a lot of people can relate to it. So many times we think back and just have so many regrets. 


that narration in the middle of the song wasn’t necessary haha


This song is really meaningful. The one who only feels bitter about ourselves just our family


I can’t say I relate to this but it is a lovely song with a moving message. I am sure it helped others to feel like they weren’t so alone. 


This was different but it has a lot of touching points. The music video was done nicely. It is not one of my faves but I won’t skip if it comes on.


I can relate to this song. This song made me cry in the middle of the night 😥 
Thanks for sharing!