Can ex-LIME Ivone b...

Can ex-LIME Ivone be considered the first vietnamese Kpop idol?  

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She performed twice on Show Champion and it's first time ever a viet appeared on a Kpop music show. So she is the first right?



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No, Ivone isn't the first Vietnamese K-pop Idol.


The first Vietnamese K-pop Idol is Hari Won.


Hari Won was part of a K-pop girl band called KISS which was composed of members with each member having different origins :

- Chinese

- Japanese

- Korean

- Vietnamese and Korean (Hari Won)


Nhóm nhạc nữ Hàn Quốc KISS1 :


The father of Hari Won is Vietnamese and the mother of Hari Won is Korean.


"Won" is the Sino-Korean correspondence of the most common Vietnamese family name "Nguyễn" in Sino-Vietnamese.


Vietnamese singers who worked or work oversea or for a non-Vietnamese company :


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