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Chau Khai Phong Joins K-ICM to Release “Het Duyen Tinh Tan” Featuring Rap Artist PHAO  

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Châu Khải Phong officially released the demo for his new song "Hết Duyên Tình Tan", which features K-ICM and PHÁO. The product is Châu Khải Phong's first time combining rap into his music.

Many people believed that PHÁO in this MV "Hết Duyên Tình Tan" was the young female rapper that participated in the Vietnamese TV show "King Rap". This time, though, Châu Khải Phong's collaborator is another PHÁO who is from the South.…

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The bus city sightseeing remind me some nice memories of my ex-crush..


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