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Chi Pu's "Cung Dan ...

Chi Pu's "Cung Dan Vo Doi" Brings Vietnam's Modern Folk Opera to the Masses  

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After the previous hit “Anh Ơi Anh Ở Lại” released in the second half of 2019, Chi Pu officially came back into the spotlight with a new MV “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi” with a vengeance on June 3rd.

Once again, the song belongs to the ballad music genre that is profoundly tormenting when listening to. The song was composed by a young, talented musician named Kiên, and he will compose songs exclusively for Chi…

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Was that cải lương at the start of the video? Reminded me of my parents.

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@SerenityNguyen yes it is Laugh  


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