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Datkaa’s Hit Song “...

Datkaa’s Hit Song “Ha Con Vuong Nang” Becomes Viral on TikTok  

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Datkaa, a new Vpop factor is taking the world by storm with his song "Hạ Còn Vương Nắng".

As soon as it was released, this song entered many domestic charts and ranked high on the Vietnamese music market becoming a formidable component to any trendy tracks recently. https://www.tiktok.com/@meocon20015/video/6986516637943975195 Right from the time this song was released, audiences fell in love with this song because of its addictive melody. A month later, the song "Hạ…

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The melody really catchy. Love it ❤️😍

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I like this one. I know summer is over now but it has a very cool summer vibe and I am not surprised to find people using it on TikTok!


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