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Hoang Duyen Gets Police Involved in Her Cute Love Song “Em Se Bao Cong An”  

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Hoàng Duyên, a gifted young female singer, finally made her comeback with the MV “Em Sẽ Báo Công An” in mid-July. It is the second musical release of “Tân Binh Hoa Sen" in her professional career– Hoàng Duyên. It showed that the Vietnamese audience adores the MV the most since it features music and visuals designed in a Vietnamese aesthetic.

In the previous days, Hoàng Duyên has been well-known for her massive hit, "Chàng…

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I love this song! It's so catchy and the lyrics are really funny. I love the twist on the typical love song.

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As a music lover, I stumbled upon Hoang Duyen's latest song "Em se bao cong an" and was immediately hooked by the playful melody and catchy lyrics. However, I understand the concerns raised by some viewers about the portrayal of law enforcement in the music video. Nonetheless, I appreciate Hoang Duyen's vocal talent and her ability to create such an upbeat and enjoyable song.

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I can't help but smile at Hoang Duyen's Em Se Bao Cong An music video, it reminds me of a Vietnamese rom-com movie with its playful storyline and charming actors.

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