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Huong Ly and Minh V...

Huong Ly and Minh Vuong M4U Release New Version MV "Vang Trang Khoc" Part Two of 'Canh Hong Ly Biet'  

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Continuing for the farewell series of Cành Hồng Ly Biệt, the "Vầng Trăng Khóc" MV was released with a whole new tune on May 14th.

Nhật Tinh Anh collaborated with Khánh Ngọc to present "Vầng Trăng Khóc". After the release of this song, it has become a phenomenon in the Vietnamese music market, creating a fever for a long time and bringing the names of Nhật Tinh Anh and Khánh Ngọc as the most…

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Minh Vuong sang so well, he's so handsome, and his hair so beautiful 

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Singing live is a bit bad, especially when I heard Minh Vuong sing live


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