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JOMBIE and TKAN Rel...

JOMBIE and TKAN Release MV "Cafe Khong Duong" – Their First Project for 2021  

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It is not exaggerated to say that Cang Nguyễn is one of the Vietnamese film directors who has a lavish style in producing MVs.

It has only been for a few years joining showbiz, but Cang Nguyễn already attained many imposing successes and released a dozen music videos with millions of views. credit: “Cafe Không Đường” MV The booming Vietnamese music market also contributed to enlist a new generation of talented, potential, and creative…

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I'd say. I'm digging his directing style too. This song is great! Can't wait to hear more. I know a friend who would be into this as well, sharing it with him too. :) 

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@carson me too. this is my first time listening to his song and this was pretty good I would say. Plus the vibe is just sick.

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They are new singers for me and I can say I love them from now on. The rapper has really a cool voice. Cant wait to hear new songs from them 👍

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A song that makes you listen to it over and over again. The mv and the lyrics are both amazing, that's why it became a hit.


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