Khoi My Launched th...

Khoi My Launched the MV "Hong Nhan Muot Phan" Honoring Women  

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After many days of teasing, on the evening of October 8th, Khoi My officially re-appeared on the Vpop stage with the MV "Hồng Nhan Mượt Phận". The long wait of her fans, plus the careful investment from the Vpop music to the images made the MV received great support and quickly achieved more than five million views after just over two weeks of debut.

The title of the MV is curious because in the…

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What an incredible music video Khoi My has released! Hong Nhan Muot Phan is a heartfelt tribute to women that draws inspiration from a shampoo brand's story and Khoi My's own personal experiences. This captivating video takes us on a journey, showcasing Khoi My's resilience and determination as she overcomes challenges from her childhood to become a successful singer. It beautifully emphasizes the importance of self-love and tenacity in shaping one's own destiny. With its powerful message and stunning visuals, this music video is truly a testament to the strength and beauty of women.


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