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My Tam Releases MV ...

My Tam Releases MV "Anh Chua Biet Dau" With Many Extravagant Outfits  

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Mỹ Tâm officially released a new music video named “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” on December 30th. The song was composed by Khắc Hưng, and belonged to the Latin type of music.

After a series of heart-broken ballad songs in the year 2020, Mỹ Tâm challenged herself in a new kind of music that she has never sung before in early 2020. source: “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” MV All the scenes of the MV. “Anh…

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Man those are some amazing and extravagant dresses. They look stunning on her plus they make the video and the song feel so relaxing and enjoyable. 

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Well it's definitely about time she rolled in the extravagant dresses. Like look at how amazing dhe looks in those dresses in the video like mind blowing.


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