MusicMy Tam Releases MV “Anh Chua Biet Dau” With Many Extravagant Outfits

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Mỹ Tâm officially released a new music video named “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” on December 30th. The song was composed by Khắc Hưng, and belonged to the Latin type of music.

After a series of heart-broken ballad songs in the year 2020, Mỹ Tâm challenged herself in a new kind of music that she has never sung before in early 2020.

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my tam anh chua biet dau viet pop music

source: “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” MV

All the scenes of the MV. “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” was carried out in a grand mansion. The MV’s content revolves around a sad love story.

my tam anh chua biet dau

source: Mỹ Tâm’s Facebook

In the MV, Mỹ Tâm played the role of a charming young lady who possesses everything, from beauty to supreme power. However, the man that she loves changes his feelings for her. Spending the whole youth to be beside him, all she receives is unflinching ignorance.

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my tam anh chua biet dau vpop mv

source: “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” MV

Till the moment that she realizes all ecstatic moments are now a forgotten memory, she decides to put a stop to being silent and find herself again. Eventually, she is back in the place with the highest power where she finds herself belong.

my tam anh chua biet dau music

source: Mỹ Tâm’s Facebook

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The MV “Anh Chưa Biết Đâu” is a product to support feminism. “Every single woman on earth is a queen in their world. If one is not treated with respect in a relationship, then stop being silent and upsetting herself” is a message that Mỹ Tâm hopes to spread via the MV.

Anh Chua Biet Dau:

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Ohh interesting. She wears very trendy clothes..this is the first MV that the singer changed a lot of clothes that I saw 😄


Well it’s definitely about time she rolled in the extravagant dresses. Like look at how amazing dhe looks in those dresses in the video like mind blowing.


Man those are some amazing and extravagant dresses. They look stunning on her plus they make the video and the song feel so relaxing and enjoyable.