MusicOfficial MV for “Crush On You” by Xin Made After Its Lyrics MV Caught Fire

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Zing MP3’s YouTube channel released an official MV for the song “Crush On You” on November 9th, 2018 previously released by XIN but it was just a lyric video.

Considered as a new factor, attracting media, XIN’s charisma is continuously gaining more popularity.

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crush on you xin vpop music

Source: “Crush On You” MV

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“Crush On You” has fun, youthful and cute content right from the lyrics to the melody. In addition, the choice of the topic of the couple’s love has hit the psychology of the audience.

crush on you xin vpop

Source: “Crush On You” MV

One of the factors contributing to the success and the attraction for “Crush On You” is the effect of the couple between Việt Dương and Linh Nguyễn (Fruit Moon).

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xin crush on you mv

Source: “Crush On You” MV

With the success of this debut MV, XIN promises to be a new factor in the young music scene in Vietnam. Besides, through the song “Crush On You”, the audience acknowledged that XIN’s singing ability is getting better and better along with the expression of different emotions of the song.

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Crush On You:

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I criticize the actors who kissed too well :(


Fans can’t wait until now to have mv. One more beat


He looks like Lee Sung Kyung :)))