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NewsAfter a Few Months of Casting Call, M-TP Talent Welcomes Their Exclusive Actress Hai Tu

LyLy1 year ago

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Sơn Tùng M-TP is executing on his promises and plans when he is trying to train and guide the latter artist generations. Some days ago, his company welcomed another member – actress Hải Tú.

hai tu mtp talent

(source: Hai Tu M-TP Facebook)

Hải Tú is known as a smart and beautiful girl. She studied in France, and now she is the exclusive actress of Sơn Tung M-TP’s company M-TP Talent.

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hai tu mtp

(source: Hai Tu M-TP Facebook)

Maybe, many people will envy her because Hải Tú not only has a good appearance but also has the luck when becoming a member for the company of Sơn Tùng M-TP.

mtp talent hai tu

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(source: Hai Tu M-TP Facebook)

On Hải Tú’s Facebook, she also posted a picture with her new boss.

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son tung mtp hai tu mtp talent

(source: Hai Tu M-TP Facebook)

She expressed her happiness that she will be trained by Son Tung M-TP’s company and will cooperate with her new family called “M-TP”.

hai tu actress mtp

(source: Hai Tu M-TP Facebook)

Hopefully, Hải Tú will conquer the challenges and gain the awesome milestones in her career soon thanks to the enthusiastic instruction from Son Tung M-TP and M-TP Entertainment Group.

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Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/348011342242123/posts/1223524071357508/

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