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MusicTrinh Dinh Quang Draws a Romantic Love Story in “Khong The La Mot Ai Khac” in Association With Tim Kiem 3D

Quinn10 months ago

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After a long time of absence from showbiz, on April 7th, Trịnh Đình Quang was back on the game with a deep, touching music video named “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác”.

The song is an exclusive special collaboration between Trịnh Đình Quang and Tìm Kiếm 3D-MMORPG (a mobile multiplayer game of Vietnam).

trinh dinh quang khong the la mot ai khac

source: “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác” MV

With an incredibly jubilant content and ear-catching melody, the MV “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác” is promising to dominate all numerous music charts in Vietnam very soon. Besides, Tìm Kiếm 3D is also one of the most popular video games in Vietnam at the moment, therefore, the popularity of the game itself undeniably played a huge role in the resounding success of the MV “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác”.

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trinh dinh quang khong the la mot ai khac vpop

source: “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác” MV

In the comparison with the previous, heart-breaking MV “Nếu Em Còn Tồn Tại”, Trịnh Đình Quang brought a breath of fresh air into his newest song with a mellifluous, harmonious tune to audiences at the very first notes.

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trinh dinh quang khong the la mot ai khac vpop mv

source: “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác” MV

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“Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác” revolves around a story of Tèo, whose job is an idol of an online exchange application, and a girl named Linh – one of his fan. Tèo is a very kind, warm heart, and humorous person who owns a dulcet singing voice. That is the reason why he has many fans on social media, Linh included. She spends almost 90% of her spare time to watch Tèo’s live stream clips, and that is how their love starts blossoming.

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The MV “Không Thể Là Một Ai Khác” genuinely brought to us instant moments about the most admirable, saccharine love story of a young couple.

On the whole scope, this song of Trịnh Đình Quang is assessed at its true worth in terms of its high-qualified images, as well as audio.

Khong The La Mot Ai Khac: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27r-MgsGyMA

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