MusicNgan Meets Miss Hong Again in Nguyen Ha’s “Sau Nay, Hay Gap Lai Nhau Khi Hoa No”

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The Vpop song “Sau Này, Hãy Gặp Lại Nhau Khi Hoa Nở” was composed by Rinnie Blue with a slow and gentle rhythm. Her proper name is Hoà Ái – one of the members of the Infamous band. She has become a musical composer since a very young age – 17 years old and most of her songs were just publicized in Underground groups.

This is her first collaboration with such a mainstream vocalist – Nguyên Hà. On the last Valentine’s Day, Nguyên Hà officially released “ Chờ Ngày Lời Hứa Nở Hoa” and the song gained over 3.6 million views on YouTube. The Vpop MV, however, was not made for those who have a blissful love story.

nguyen ha vpop singer


If there is a single word to depict the song, indeed, it has to be “Nostalgic”. The song also gained strong and positive feedback from the audiences. Following such a great success of “ Chờ Ngày Lời Hứa Nở Hoa”, On March 26th The young and talented voice continued to release a song named “ Sau Này Hãy Gặp Lại Nhau Khi Hoa Nở”.

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It has reached over 2.9 million views and 88 thousand likes on Youtube within 6 days and the track is #14 on Trending. The song aims to proceed with the heart-breaking love story in the previous MV. If “ Chờ Ngày Lời Hứa Nở Hoa” arouses the curiosity among audiences about a series of enigmatic actions of the heroine in the MV, this song will be an adequate answer for all questions.

nguyen ha vpop mv


The MV is a semitransparent story interlacing the present and the past about two persons in ordinary life. He is merely a photographer, and she is a pastry chef. In particular, Their destiny means to meet, fall head over heels in love with each other and build up a peaceful life together. He asks for her hand. They are deemed to have everlasting love and a happy ending for lifelong, but an unexpected accident happens to him. Because of that, all promises and dreams fragment since then.

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nguyen ha sau nay gap lai nhau khi hoa no


Two main characters in this story were stared by 2 “Golden masks” of Vbiz, Thảo Tâm and Trần Nghĩa – 2 fresh actors known in Mắt Biếc. Mắt Biếc, a Vietnamese film achieved such a resounding success in the audience’s hearts recently. Although the movie is now out of showtime, its influence is still all the rage.

sau nay gap lai nhau khi hoa no vpop


In the Mắt Biếc, an unrequited 30-year-love of Hồng(Thảo Tâm) towards Ngạn(Trần Nghĩa) caused a great regret and dissatisfaction to the audiences. In the end, Hồng leaves Đo Đo village and come to Sài Gòn to run for that unrequited love. Understanding thoroughly viewers’ feelings, MV “Sau Này Hãy Gặp Lại Nhau Khi Hoa Nở” was made to create a happy ending for Ngạn and Hồng as well as to appease Mắt Biếc’s fans.

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One more particular thing in the MV is that Nguyên Hà appeared in a few-second-scene. That is rare because this singer didn’t star in her previous videos. However, at this time she played a part in a storyteller and observed beautiful love storytelling by herself.

Sau Nay, Hay Gap Lai Nhau Khi Hoa No:

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