MusicNguyen Ha Releases “No Nhau Loi Xin Loi”, The Sixth Track From Nguyen Minh Cuong’s Album

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While fans are still immersed in the single “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng”, the artist duo Nguyên Hà – Nguyễn Minh Cường has released a new song to continue the series.

The song “Nợ Nhau Lời Xin Lỗi” which is the sixth track on Nguyễn Minh Cường’s album “Chạy Trời Sao Khỏi Nắng” was uploaded on his official YouTube channel on the evening of May 3rd.

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nguyen ha vietnam artist

credit: Nguyên Hà’s Facebook

The audio of the song “Nợ Nhau Lời Xin Lỗi” and other tracks in this series was already available to the audience who purchased their CD album “Chạy Trời Không Khỏi Nắng” on April 18th. However, when the song was released with its MV, it made the audience feel even more profound and heartbroken when watching Nguyên Hà performing it amid the pouring rain in Đà Lạt city.

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nguyen ha no nhau loi xin loi vpop

credit: “Nợ Nhau Lời Xin Lỗi” MV

The lyrics of “Nợ Nhau Lời Xin Lỗi” effortlessly touched the feelings of regret that remain in people’s hearts through the years, especially for those who once loved someone wholeheartedly, received the love in return, and then it fell apart. The last verse, “Xin Lỗi Vì Đã Yêu!” was sung gently and passionately making the song even more moving at the end.

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no nhau loi xin loi nguyen ha vpop

credit: “Nợ Nhau Lời Xin Lỗi” MV

The album “Chạy Trời Sao Khỏi Nắng” was supposed to be promoted with mini-concerts in Ho Chi Minh City on April 18th and Hanoi on May 16th. The event in Hanoi has been postponed due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 in recent days. Before that, the first concert in Ho Chi Minh City went off without a hitch, thanks to the attendance of celebrities like Hoàng Dũng and Lan Nhã.

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No Nhau Loi Xin Loi:


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The day began grey and dull with the sadness in this song TT
The lyric just touched my heart..


I’m digging this MV ❤️


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Phenomenal MV 😍✨


@jaden_66 definitely. I love the elegant vibe it has ❤️


@catherine_07 it definitely is something mesmerizing ❤️