MusicMany Young Fans Sympathize With the Message of Growing up in “Khi Em Lon” of Orange and Hoang Dung

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Young people sympathize with the message of Orange and Hoàng Dũng’s newest music “Khi Em Lớn”.

Recently, the young talented Vietnamese singer Orange and Hoàng Dũng officially unveiled their very first collaboration named “Khi Em Lớn”.

hoang dung and orange khi em lon

credit: Hoàng Dũng’s Facebook

The meaningful message of the MV was tremendously well-received by a majority of the young community in Vietnam.

orange khi em lon mv

credit: “Khi Em Lớn” MV

The MV “Khi Em Lớn” revolves around a story of how taxing and harsh adulthood would be. You will have to encounter tons of financial issues.

orange khi em lon hoang dung vpop mv

credit: “Khi Em Lớn” MV

There would be the time you would wish that you can be little again so that you will not have to confront those kinds of inextricable life problems. Particularly, the lyrics expose obstacles that being an adult would have to encounter:

“Khi em lớn, vui biết bao vì được đi muôn nơi

When I can be an adult, I will go wherever I want

Không phải về nhà trước 10 giờ tối

Not having to comply the 10 pm – curfew

Nào có biết rằng, khi em lớn, em sẽ ngã đau hơn bây giờ

Not aware of the fact that I will fall even harder than when i was little

Đời đâu giống như đôi vần thơ

Life is not a dream

Khi em lớn đường về nhà sao xa quá

The more I grow up, the further the way back home is

Cha mẹ đây nhưng sao thật khó để nói ra

Here my parents are, why it is so hard to speak up about these repressed feelings

Con thất bại rồi, chỉ muốn bé lại thôi

Failing in my life, I wish I could be a kid again.”

When we were a kid, we always wanted to grow up as fast as possible. Thus you have the desire of doing things that an adult can do, and not having to go to school every single day.

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orange khi em lon vpop

credit: “Khi Em Lớn” MV

However, when you grow older and can feel the pressure of working, other’s expectations, many people would trade life to be a kid again.

hoang dung khi em lon vpop

credit: “Khi Em Lớn” MV

Life is not what we imagine when we were little.  Everything is completely different. Some pains must be overcome on our own and can not be shared with anyone even if it’s your family.

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Khi Em Lon:

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I agree it sucks to grow up. Like you have so many responsibility and like you have to face the horrible world ahead. 


This song goes really deep. Plus yeah it’s like really focused on not accepting that we are supposed to grow up. 


It’s reason why i don’t want to grow up. I know how much lonely in this world and nobody even family wanna listen my stories


@arian I’m sorry to hear about that. But why not try accepting the reality. It helps getting us out of the torture of being stuck in life. 


This song has strong emotions to it 🥺 I kinda like it. 


Orange rocked this song 😍😍


@catherine_07 she rocks every song 🥰💯


@jaden_66 she does ❤️❤️❤️


This song just hits hard especially when you’ve grownup and when you didn’t want to. 


@hangmoon37 I definitely related to that 😢


Growing up can be annoying at times. I know, I’ve been there. Helps to have music like this to calm the nerves. :) 


@linh so true, it’s hard a lot of times and gets on the nevers and a song like this helps a lot in calming down.