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MusicNguyen Ha Shares a Tormenting Love Story in “Co Ai Di Hoai Mot Huong”

Quinn1 month ago

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Nguyên Hà officially came back with the love song “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng”, which is the most preferable song in her new project.

The song “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng” was exclusively composed by Nguyễn Minh Cường, who stood behind a bundle of Nguyên Hà’s massive hits. It can’t be denied that the two makes a perfect team.

co ai di hoai mot huong nguyen ha vpop

credit: “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng” MV

That has been proven through several compositions that won over the listeners’ hearts. However, Nguyên Hà’s pianissimo voice is an indispensable factor to the success of all those ballad songs. Proceeding the achievement earlier, Nguyễn Minh Cường’s Melancholy – “Chạy Trời Sao Khỏi Nắng”  is a new exclusive album for Nguyên Hà coming up next.

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nguyen ha co ai di hoai mot huong

credit: “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng” MV

In the CD version, which was open up for retailing on April 18th, the album “Chạy Trời Sao Khỏi Nắng” had yet to release on music streaming platform. On April 27th, Nguyễn Minh Cường introduced “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng” on his YouTube channel to the audience who did not have a chance to purchase the CD of this album.

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co ai di hoai mot huong nguyen ha

credit: “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng” MV

In this album, Nguyên Hà still agonize over an old love story, she once again conquered listeners with profound lyrics. The song was instrumented and harmonized by Nguyễn Minh Hoàng and supported by a vocal harmony group – Cadilac. Love is an epic theme that musicians take interest in most of all time. The song “Có Ai Đi Hoài Một Hướng” contains a peaceful melody yet still touch deeply in someone’s heart if they still have feelings for their exes. Nguyên Hà seems to speak on their behalf about the love that remains after breakups.

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Co Ai Di Hoai Mot Huong:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6ORqGbtp6M

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Beautiful production 😍👍


Both of them did such an amazing job In perfecting this MV ❤️😍


@rem_subaru true that they did an amazing job in harmonizing this melody ❤️


@aang_avatar yup yup that back up made everything worth it. 


Nguyên Hà is a talent like no other. This song is going on my daily drive playlist. 


@destiny you are absolutely right 💯

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