MusicHoang Duyen Releases Third Single Showcasing Her Unique Airy Voice in “Sai Gon Hom Nay Mua” With JSOL

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After the teaser audio released on May 27th, JSOL and Hoàng Duyên officially unveiled the latest MV “Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa”.

As a rookie from a prestigious entertainment agency – DreamS Entertainment, Hoàng Duyên has proven that her music products are even more professional than others in the Vietnam music world.

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hoang duyen vpop artist

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

Hoàng Duyên, in particular, firmly established her personality in music through her distinctive airy voice. The non-standard singing style of young singers is currently causing a lot of debate over social media due to its negative impact on vocal life.

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jsol hoang duyen vpop mv

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

However, it cannot be denied that it makes the singer stand out from the rest and unique among a sea of artists using similar techniques.

jsol hoang duyen

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

With such distinct musical characteristics, Hoàng Duyên’s third single, “Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa”, has become a massive hit within a week released after her other hit single “Sài Gòn Đau Lòng Quá“.

jsol hoang duyen sai gon hom nay mua mv

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

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“Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa” was produced by Khắc Hưng – a hitmaker of the Vietnam music industry. The most surprising aspect of “Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa” is that it was written by Hoàng Duyên herself. As a rookie who has only been on the scene for a little over a year, her experience is limited, but “Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa” is considered excellent work.

jsol hoang duyen sai gon hom nay mua

credit: Hoàng Duyên’s Facebook

Although the verse is somewhat lengthy, and the chorus is indeed not overly amazing, the overall song is professional, and it does something that more experienced musicians can not. Besides, “Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa” has lyrics that are relatable to the young generation Z audience, making it a trend for use on social media platforms such as:

“Chỉ cầu mong cho mưa ngừng rơi

Mưa ngừng rơi anh sẽ quay về

Sài Gòn hôm nay mưa

Dường như có ai bật khóc”

Sai Gon Hom Nay Mua:

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The paragraph: “chỉ cầu mong cho mưa ngừng rơi, mưa ngừng rơi anh sẽ quay về. Mà dường như khi mưa ngừng rơi, anh cũng tan mất” => “I wish that the rain would go, then you can back to me. But it seem to stop raining, you will disappear from me…”
This lyric just hurt me a lot..


@arian it hits you and This is how it is in real life 


Amazing in everyway ❣️


 I just love the relaxing vibe it has ❤️


@jaden_66 Ikr it’s so chill 😍


From Rookie to rockstar 😍😍 Hoàng Duyên has proven herself by making an amazing MV like this one 💯. 


@hangmoon37 not a rookie in my opinion she was born to be a star ✨


@aang_avatar true true she was born a star ✨


Hoàng Duyên has really outdone herself phenomenally. I love this MV ❤️

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