MusicSweet Moments of JSOL and Han Sara in “Hiem Co Kho Tim” Their New Summer MV

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“Hiếm Có Khó Tìm” was released on DreamS Entertainment’s YouTube channel on July 15, 2020. The MV attracts an audience with the participation of Cody (Uni5) and Trần Nhậm (two hot boys from the show Tình Yêu Hoàn Mỹ), and especially the collaboration with Korean Vpop artist Han Sara.

The song was composed by “hit-maker” Khắc Hưng. He shared that he wanted JSOL to change his image from his previous MVs, which was a guy who was rejected, left behind, or cheated.

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jsol han sara rollerskating in hiem co kho tim

Sweet couple in the MV. Source:

JSOL in real life is an active and humorous guy, and in this MV, Khắc Hưng wanted to let the audience know more about this side of JSOL.

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jsol and han sara vpop idols


The R&B song has joyful melodies and the MV is covered with lively scenes on the beach, which is an appropriate approach to the music market of this summer. The lyrics of the song are full of sweet words that JSOL sends to Han Sara. The interesting thing is that Khắc Hưng used a sentence in the famous bolero song, “Because of you I will write a love poem, I will gather clouds to build for you a castle”.

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hiem co kho tim vpop jsol han sara

JSOL, Cody and Trần Nhậm. Source:

The MV is built in a funny way to describe the journey to conquer Han Sara’s heart. JSOL falls for Han Sara right at the moment she saves him from drowning. After that, JSOL and his friends Trần Nhậm and Cody think of many ways to approach Han Sara.

han sara hiem co kho tim vpop


It seems to be hopeless when she always ignores the existence of JSOL. However, their effort is finally paid off by the stolen dog plan when JSOL helps Han Sara find her missing dog. She doesn’t even know that was all set up by JSOL.

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jsol hiem co kho tim vpop


It is said that their first collab is well since the two artists are compatible with the appearance and the vocals. Their sweet moments of the couple in the MV melt the audience’s hearts. Besides, the beautiful landscapes filmed in the MV – the blue sea and white stretches of white sand in Phú Yên (Việt Nam) is a plus point that makes the MV get a sizable view within a week.

Hiem Co Kho Tim:

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Stylish Chic

Cuteee! I ship them together 🥰