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MusicVietnamese Rapper MR.A Officially Released the Song “I’ll Never Fall in Luv Again”

Quinn10 months ago

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Mr.A (Phạm Tuấn Anh) officially participated in the dynamic Vietnamese music race with a single record named “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again” on September 24th.

Currently, the name “Mr.A” is no longer new to the rap music aficionados in Vietnam. He also is considered a hitmaker with a series of big hits in his pursuit of music such as “How About You”, “Tell Me Why”, etc.

mr.a i'll never fall in love again rap viet

source: MR.A’s Facebook

However, there is a visible change in his new project. The song “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again” contains more sentimental and emotional vibes. The track “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again” presents the old feelings of Mr.A in his previous relationship.

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i'll never fall in love again mr.a rap viet

source: “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again” MV

According to that, the rebelliousness is replaced by a profound observation of a mature man. Although there is a change in his work, the uniqueness and distinction of Mr.A’s music material remain. Mr.A shared that it had taken him only 20 minutes to write the lyrics. Besides, the song was recorded in the evening that was pouring rain. Therefore, perhaps because of the rain and the then mood, he tended to complete the song much faster.

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mr.a i'll never fall in love again viet rap

source: “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again” MV

Mr.A also announced that after the song “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again”, he intended to try a new kind of music that he has never experienced before. Through that, he wants to show that music is also a valuable notebook to capture all the views, thoughts, and emotions in life.

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mr.a i'll never fall in love again viet rap mv

source: “I’ll Never Fall In Luv Again” MV

To wholly focus on the new episode “MORIES”, he also refused to join Rap Viet (a Vietnamese music show) as one of the judges of the board.

I’ll Never Fall in Luv Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgsO02CejYA

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The first time I know him also first time I listen to his song, I did not know It attracted me from the first the appearing of his voice


I’m completely impressed I didn’t listen to any of his songs before but like song is dope. I love both the video and the song. I’m adding this to my list for sure.


Maybe the best music of 2020 right here. I haven’t listened to anything from him before, but he for sure has a new fan in me. :)


This song just hits in a unique way. I like the way it flows. 

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