NewsTiger Remix 2021 Brings Out Son Tung M-TP, Toc Tien, Chi Pu, Bich Phuong and Other A-List Celebs on Stage

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Sơn Tùng M-TP, Tóc Tiên, Bích Phương and many other A-listed singers came up with a series of massive hits on the night of the Tiger Remix 2021 which was televised on December 31st.

In a short 6-second video that was posted on Facebook, Sơn Tùng M-TP had made his fans fascinated about the news that he would be a part of the show “Tiger Remix 2021”. Apart from the participation of Sơn Tùng M-TP, many top Vietnamese singers such as Tóc Tiên, Bích Phương, Wowy, Trúc Nhân, Chi Pu, Soobin, Da LAB, DJ Mie, and MC Ngô Kiến Huy also partook in this opening-year music event.

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tiger remix 2021 bich phuong vpop

source: Bích Phương’s Facebook

The show was instructed by two renowned music-film directors, Charlie Nguyễn and DTAP. Besides, the biggest highlight of the event was its professional music ambiance. The whole space was staged by high cinematographic techniques, 3D staging on a multi-dimensional space combining with light effects. With the virtual reality technique (VR), the audiences would enjoy a one-off experience while watching the show. It made them feel like they were watching a live event in person.

toc tien tiger remix 2021 vpop

source: Tóc Tiên’s Tiger Remix 2021 stage

The event started with the performance of Da LAB with the song “Gác Lại Âu Lo”. After that, Tóc Tiên appeared on stage with a “burning” performance, showing a mashup of the two songs “Phút Giây Tuyệt Vời” and “Ngày Mai”. Moreover, another hit of hers, “Vũ Điệu Cồng Chiên” was the most memorable part of the show. Furthermore, after the dance, Tóc Tiên bonused her fans a few more big hits in her career such as “Không Ai Hơn Em Đâu” and “Walk Away”.

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son tung mtp tiger remix 2021 vpop

source: Sơn Tùng M-TP’s Tiger Remix 2021 stage

Next, Chi Pu heated the stage when performing the song “Talk To Me”. It was also a completely new remixed version dedicated to the audience of Tiger Remix 2021. To fulfill the expectations of the audiences, Chi Pu continued to bring the mashup of a couple of songs, “Từ Hôm Nay”, and “Đoá Hoa Hồng”.

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chi pu tiger remix 2021

source: Chi Pu’s Tiger Remix 2021 stage

Those are some of the most impressive performances in the event, yet, there are still more. The full show of Tiger Remix 2021 is two hours and 14 minutes long, and now available on POPS MUSIC (YouTube). Let’s enjoy it together!

Tiger Remix 2021:

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A list of many my favorite singers


These are some amazing song hats off to them for getting on the A-list. Like they deserve to be on the list.