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MusicDa LAB Re-Uploaded the Song “Doi La Di” Reminding the Audience of Vietnam’s Beauty

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“Đời Là Đi” is a song by Da LAB which was re-uploaded on the group’s YouTube channel on April 17th. After three years from the official release of the song, “Đời Là Đi” still has a great attraction to the audience.


After the success of “Một Nhà”, Da LAB’s popularity shot up and brought them closer to the audience. Currently, Da LAB is known through songs such as “Thanh Xuân” and “Nước Mắt Em Lau Bằng Tình Yêu Mới” (featuring with Tóc Tiên).

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da lab doi la di vpop music

Source: “Đời Là Đi” MV

The content of the MV tells about the journey of young people not only looking for new lands, but they will never forget but also finding themselves with the original aspirations of the journey.

doi la di vpop music da lab

Source: “Đời Là Đi” MV

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The song is a reminder of the lively and busy time of our country from before while also looking at the beautiful images of the country that in the future will all be seen together soon.

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Doi La Di: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i8bezxh-eQ

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