MusicDa LAB’s “Thuc Giac” Hits Top 1 Trending on YouTube

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Da LAB officially returned to the music biz with the release of “Thức Giấc”. In this video, Da LAB teamed up with Nguyễn An An, a brand-new female voice. In particular, Thuý Ngân appears in Da LAB’s”Thức Giấc”.

She is a Vietnamese actress who rose to prominence in recent years thanks to TV series movies such as Gạo Nếp Gạo Tẻ and “Cây Táo Nở Hoa”. The song “Thức Giấc” is a perfect mix of RnB, House and Hip-hop.

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The music video “Thức Giấc” tells the narrative of a painter who becomes engrossed in the silhouette of his ex-lover. Then, in his fantasies, he was constantly searching for his girlfriend. Yet, no matter how wonderful the dreams are, they always come to an end in tragedy. The guy desired another fantasy each time, however, he ultimately realized that it was unreal. He had no choice but to face reality and accept the truth that he and she were no longer together.

thuc giac da lab

credit: “Thức Giấc” MV

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The MV was inspired by two movies: Inception (2010) and Paprika (2006). Thuý Ngân is the lucky girl chosen to be the protagonist of the MV “Thức Giấc”. Thuy Ngan has become the lover of all three boys, each of whom is a different identity in a real-life painter’s fantasy.

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thuc giac da lab music video

credit: “Thức Giấc” MV

At the end of the MV “Thức Giấc”, Thuý Ngân also contributed one more role besides acting with Da LAB which explains the reason why the actress came to the studio where Da LAB recorded “Thức Giấc”.

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thuc giac da lab mv

credit: “Thức Giấc” MV

She also added her voice in the last lines of the song:

“Nếu có một thực tại khác, em muốn được cùng anh thức giấc. Em nhất định sẽ không để anh một mình đợi chờ thêm nữa”.

“If there is another reality, I want us to wake up together every morning. I am determined not to make you wait once again”.

Thuc Giac:

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Dalab’s every song is good. I love indie music


I’ve heard this song before but its name escapes me, thanks for sharing it ❤️