MusicSeasoned Vpop Group Da LAB Teams up With New Gen Artist Juky San in “Tho”

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The MV “Thở”, a collaboration between Da LAB and Juky San, hit the Top 21 trending on YouTube with over 2.2 million views, 44,000 likes, and over 1,700 comments in only six days after its release.

The lyrics of most of Da LAB’s songs are not only catchy and inspiring, but also profoundly insightful, and “Thở” is no exception.

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Even though love is not the theme of the song “Thở’, the audience is still enthralled by the narrative-rich phrases of the song itself.

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da lab juky san tho mv

credit: “Thở” MV

Da LAB depicts the fast-paced lives of today’s youth. The music video “Thở” emphasizes the message of a more refreshing life in which people can appreciate the small, basic pleasures that still exist in our daily lives. We all live in an ever-changing world that keeps our hands full.

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tho juky san da lab

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credit: “Thở” MV

As a result, we sometimes overlook to appreciate the simple, fantastic things that happen around us every day. The appearance of Juky San, the Gen Z “muse” drew several fantastic comments.

da lab juky san tho music video

credit: “Thở” MV

In this MV, Juky San portrays a mature wife who has been married for a long time. Even if her role was a little older than her age, she performs beautifully.

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tho da lab juky san

credit: “Thở” MV

Panasonic Life Solutions Company’s latest marketing campaign, “Breathe Quality Air For Life” which promotes the company’s technological solutions, inspired Da LAB’s new song. Ceiling fans, electric fans and air purifiers are among the new devices, each with innovative technologies to improve indoor air quality and make family members healthier.


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It’s really good, I can hear my motivation


Still like the voice of a JGKid since many years. Love the group .


The first time I heard it, I was crushed.. Congratulations DaLab and Juky San’s great product.. !


LAB Videos are so good, I never get bored watching it


Good music like it Healthy Lifestyle


a beautiful music that makes listeners feel in love with life, adds a lot of motivation to a day, loves listening to DaLab’s music 👍👍


The song has a good n young beat~
After a hard day, we just need to back to home where has the one we loved ❤️

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