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MusicOSAD Mentions the Name of Vietnamese Artist Bich Phuong in “Yeu Sac Yeu”

Quinn3 months ago

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OSAD’s music product “Yêu Sắc Yếu” marking his imposing comeback on the Vietnamese music market after a long period missing in action.

OSAD’s latest rap features trendy lyrics that promise to be a sweet and moving song for Vietnamese youngsters. The music video for “Yêu Sắc Yếu” depicts OSAD’s charming and flamboyant sides. LyHan, the stunning Hot TikToker with over 1.8 million followers, also exclusively participated in this MV.

yeu sac yeu osad music video

credit: “Yêu Sắc Yếu” MV

“Yêu Sắc Yếu” is a loving confession and flirtation of a guy for a girl he loves. The rap song “Yêu Sắc Yếu” has such a youthful, catchy tune that reminds listeners of the massive hit “Người Âm Phủ” – the Rap Love ballad that made OSAD a big name in the Vietnamese music industry.

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credit: “Yêu Sắc Yếu” MV

Noticeably, Bích Phương, one of the most popular Vietnamese singers, and her massive hit “Một Cú Lừa” were also mentioned in the lyrics of “Yêu Sắc Yếu”:

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“Không phải Bích Phương nên anh sẽ không có cú lừa nào đâu”

“ I am not Bich Phương, so there is no trap”

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credit: “Yêu Sắc Yếu” MV

OSAD’s positive attitude and characteristics were present in the song, which helped to energize the audience both mentally and physically while listening to it.

credit: “Yêu Sắc Yếu” MV

OSAD shared that the song “Yêu Sắc Yếu” was inspired by his desire to entertain Vietnamese people when they have not been able to go out due to the fourth wave of COVID-19.

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The music video “Yêu Sắc Yếu” depicts OSAD’s journey to conquer the gorgeous girl LyHan. “Yêu Sắc Yếu” is, without a doubt, one of OSAD’s most vibrant musical works. The MV’s content leads the audience through rooms that are put up in a variety of ways, from simple to sophisticated, but each scenario is unique and interesting.

Yeu Sac Yeu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKcvnNezndc

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It’s been a long time since I heard the song “Nguoi am phu” song it’s so cute😊😊


Awww long time no see Osad, he is still handsome and his music always cool~
Anyway the lyric “trường NTT” => trường Nguyễn Tất Thành? Kkkk that’s school I’m studying.

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