MusicHoang Ton Surprises Fans Partnering With New Female Vocalist LyHan in “Tinh Yeu Ngu Quen”

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Hoàng Tôn surprisingly released the music video “Tình Yêu Ngủ Quên” partnering with LyHan, a new female vocalist. The R&B song “Tình Yêu Ngủ Quên” features a captivating and uplifting melody which bring a pleasant feeling when listening to it.

This is Hoàng Tôn’s second single from his debut album and his third single in 2021. Later this year, the album is likely to be released.

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tinh yeu ngu quen hoang ton lyhan mv

credit: “Tình Yêu Ngủ Quên” MV

The song went through several stages of development, including melody adjustment, lyrics rewriting, beat mixing and mastering. It all happened over six months, with the assistance of specialists, musicians, and music producers. The production crew is entirely made up of foreigners.

As a result, the team engaged with a few Vietnamese associates during the implementation phase to truly integrate the Vietnamese essence into this modern, multi-nuanced product.

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hoang ton tinh yeu ngu quen

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credit: “Tình Yêu Ngủ Quên” MV

Hoàng Tôn utilized undiscovered locales and an expensive antique car as props to make a strong visual impact. The production of the MV took 22 hours in Ho Chi Minh City, and it was completed before the Covid-19 outbreak returned to Vietnam.

tinh yeu ngu quen hoang ton lyhan

credit: “Tình Yêu Ngủ Quên” MV

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Hoàng Tôn and LyHan work effectively together in the MV, especially in the final sequences. They seem to appear as a fine couple genuinely experiencing sweet and romantic moments in their relationship. However, it turns out to only be a dream of Hoàng Tôn.

Tinh Yeu Ngu Quen:

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The song is great, hope he releases more music videos sôn👍👍


Hoàng Tôn and LyHan have a good combination of singing and acting.


I like a part of her singing, it’s very attractive.👍

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