MusicTlinh Kicks off Her Solo Debut With “Gai Doc Than”

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Tlinh is well-knơwn for her characteristic music style and is the one and only female candidate to enter the final round of the TV show “Rap Viet”.

After this imposing music contest, Tlinh also participated in some music products such as “Gửi Lời Cảm Ơn” (Mỹ Anh), “Yêu Thầm” (Hoàng Yến Chibi).

gai doc than tlinh mv

credit: “Gái Độc Thân” MV

On July 1st, Tlinh officially launched her first solo debut in her singing career – “Gái Độc Thân”.

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tlinh gai doc than music video

credit: “Gái Độc Thân” MV

Tlinh has performed the audio version of the song “Gái Độc Thân” at several previous events, and the song’s video clips have received millions of views on YouTube.

tlinh gai doc than

credit: “Gái Độc Thân” MV

Despite this, she chose the song to produce her first solo music video of her debut. The reason is both simple and exceptional: this is Tlinh’s favorite song. Also, it captures the energetic spirit of modern women, which is representative of the value of life that Tlinh is pursuing.

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“Gái Độc Thân” is not a song about a sorrowful single female, but it does present a portrait of a gorgeous, confident, joyous woman who is enjoying and taking control of her life. The song is a source of positive inspiration and a motivating message for all women, encouraging them to be confident in themselves and their personalities at all times.

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gai doc than tlinh

credit: “Gái Độc Thân” MV

Phạm Phú Nguyên (2pillz), a promising new music producer in the Vietnamese hip hop industry, created the orchestration for the song “Gái Độc Thân”. He used to collaborate with many prominent Vietnamese rappers in Vietnam such as MCK, WXRDIE, Lil Wuyn, SMO, prettyXIX, Thanh Draw and Suboi.

Gai Doc Than:

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I love the dance work in the video. They did a really good job with this one. I like the vibe of the song as well. Very chilled out and easy to listen to. 


She so cool and very sexy😌😌


Free and single long liveee😆