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MusicDa LAB’s Emcee L Releases Second Solo MV “Sinh Ra Da La Thu Doi Lap Nhau”

Quinn5 months ago

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As expected, Emcee L – a member of Da LAB music crew officially released a new MV named “Sinh Ra Đã Là Hai Thứ Đối Lập Nhau”.

This is the second solo music video of him after the one “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì”. The new song was written and produced by Emcee L himself.

sinh ra da la thu doi lap nhau emcee l da lab vpop mv

credit: “Sinh Ra Đã Là Hai Thứ Đối Lập Nhau” MV

Emcee L wanted to bring a completely new image of a solo artist to the audience. Previously, when working with Da LAB crew, he was also successful in cooperating with A-list singers such as Tóc Tiên (Nước Mắt Em Lau Bằng Tình Yêu Mới) and Miu Lê (Gác Lại Âu Lo). However, at this time Emcee L collaborated with completely new singers who are from the Badbies team.

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emcee l sinh ra da la thu doi lap nhau vpop

credit: “Sinh Ra Đã Là Hai Thứ Đối Lập Nhau” MV

With the ballad melody mixed with pop-rap, the song “Sinh Ra Đã Là Thứ Đối Lập Nhau” could win over the most fastidious audience after listening to it for the first time. Emcee L made a use of contradictory images in every sentence “Anh như vì ngàn sao biến mất khi huy hoàng/ Còn em là bình minh đem theo trong tim muôn vàn rạng rỡ” which based on that, the bystander could feel the sadness of love.

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emcee l sinh ra da la thu doi lap nhau vpop mv

credit: “Sinh Ra Đã Là Hai Thứ Đối Lập Nhau” MV

Earlier, Emcee L also said the ballad music genre is his forte, but because of that, it is also his strong point. Without creating lots of climactic drama details, the MV “Sinh Ra Đã Là Thứ Đối Lập Nhau” gently and simply conveys feelings of regret.

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sinh ra da la thu doi lap nhau emcee l da lab mv

credit: “Sinh Ra Đã Là Hai Thứ Đối Lập Nhau” MV

Emcee L was said to be the most noticeable person in Da LAB’s crew in terms of working as a soloist. Emcee L also impressed the audience with a bundle of massive hits such as “Chỉ Là Số Hai” (2019), “Thuốc Độc” (2019), “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” (2020). He also partook in the MV “Ngày Tận Thế – performed by Tóc Tiên”.

Sinh Ra Da La Thu Doi Lap Nhau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=redFrGBZoJY

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I usually listen to other artists’ music 2-3 times before I find it good, but I don’t understand why Da LAB’s music is good from the first time I listen to it, and then I replay it again and again without getting bored :3 {emoji}:kiss: {emoji}:kiss: {emoji}:kiss:  


Love, Suitable, and can staying together are 3 different things..


She definitely has an amazing voice, my bets are on that She’s gonna go big soon ❤️




Woahoooo I’m definitely so proud of her such an amazing MV yet again. She is rocking her solo’s 💯


@aang_avatar she definitely does make me proud of listening to vpop cuz her amazing voice and performances ❤️


Emcee L has always amazed me with her performances and songs. ❤️


@hangmoon37 meee tooooo I just love her doing those awesome solo’s 💯


She was amazing when she performed and singed with Da Lab Crew but her solo’s have a different story of being amazing. 


@rem_subaru definitely 💯

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