MusicIT’S A BOP! Da LAB’s Member Releases “Chang Biet Dieu Gi” – the First True Solo Debut MV of Emcee L

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Emcee L’s full name is Nguyễn Hoàng Long. In 2018, he joined the Vpop group Da LAB.

After Da LAB released a successful song named “Gác Lại Âu Lo” which was a project collaboration with Vietnamese pop singer and actress Miu Lê, Emcee L released a new solo product called “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì”.

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chang biet dieu gi emcee l vpop music video

Source: “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” MV

This MV officially launched on August 12th, 2020. Until now, this song has reached over one million views and 30 thousand likes on YouTube (Vietnam).

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emcee l chang biet dieu gi vpop music

Source: “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” MV

Previously, he grabbed attention with many products such as “Thuốc Độc”, Chỉ Là Số Hai” and “Ngày Tận Thế”. However, “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” officially remarks on his solo performance in 2020. This MV has a contribution of two actors named Thanh Dong and Viet Hang.

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chang biet dieu gi vpop emcee l

Source: “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” MV

Emcee L shared that “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” was prepared for two years. Its content talks about the thinking of a man. He is in love and immersed in memories of a past beautiful love story.

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emcee l chang biet dieu gi vpop mv

Source: “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” MV

“Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” is filled with specific, clear, and evocative images. All things are drawn on not only a narrative background but also a charming and attractive melody. In the end, the only thing left is the pain in his heart.

chang biet dieu gi emcee l vpop

Source: “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” MV

So, the words always crop up in his mind “don’t know anything”. The memories are so overwhelming that he can no longer remember the previous and next order, it seems like it was yesterday, but it happened a long time ago.

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chang biet dieu gi emcee l vpop artist

Source: Emcee L in “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” MV

Like the MV “Gác Lại Âu Lo”, the end scene of “Chẳng Biết Điều Gì” also lets out the short teaser that gains attention from audiences. The familiar melody starts from other new songs of Emcee L called “Đối Lập”. While “Bao Giờ Thức Giấc” will launch in September this year.

Chang Biet Dieu Gi:

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The two entertainers are acting excessively well, particularly their demeanors <3


After that age, I have never encountered the affection for understudies and still feel contacted. I like Quan’s voice as well, as both youngsters.


The tune is awesome, both in lyrics and the song. His singing is acceptable to the point that he didn’t need any kind of table


Each melody of Da LAB I like, the inclination is new, the style tenderly enters the hearts of individuals.

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