MusicTwo Members of Da LAB Bring 70s Disco Dance To Vpop With “CILU” (Cuz I Luv U)

Windy3 years ago5

The song “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” brings the Disco color with its catchy tune combined with the romantic and lovely lyrics performed and composed by JGKiD and MPaKK.

The music video “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” was released on November 30th, 2020 on Da LAB Official’s YouTube Channel. The music video “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” describes a vibrant singing performance of two singers (played by JGKiD and MPaKK).

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CILU (Cuz I Luv U) - JGKiD x MPaKK Da LAB

The audiences and the singers seem to be burning up the stage with special dances. Through this song, the audience can feel that the MV “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” describes a man’s feelings when he loves a girl. He is always happy and full of energy to go through the difficulties of life. The girl is always in the mind of the man, and she makes his life more beautiful.

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CILU (Cuz I Luv U) Da LAB vpop

The man’s happiness is shown through the lyrics of the song:

“Thế Giới Chẳng Qua Là Vậy, Chỉ Cần Có Em”-“The world is just like that, all i need is you”
“Chiếm Lấy Tâm Trí Anh, Lấp Khoảng Trống Trong Anh Từng Đêm”-“Occupying my mind, filling the void inside of me every night”

The music video “CILU” (Cuz I Luv U) attracted a sizable following due to the great music style combined with the catchy melody.

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Cuz I Luv U Da LAB

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The music video “CILU” (Cuz I Luv U) currently has over 657,051 thousand views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this outstanding song like other songs of JGKiD such as “Vui Lên Một Tí”, “Em Tôi Đôi Mươi”. Also, listen to other songs of Da LAB such as “Nước Mắt Em Lau Bằng Tình Yêu Mới” (Da LAB, Tóc Tiên), “Từ Ngày Em Đến” and “Chậm Lại Một Chút”.

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CILU (Cuz I Luv U):

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This is the first time I’ve listened to these artists and I gotta say I’m impressed, great song vocals and instrumentals are great as heck. Thanks for sharing this song @Windy


This is a pretty funky and cool vibe song. I like the vibe like disco party and a love song is kind of encouraging instead of bringing your mood down it boosts it up in a groovy way. 


Like I was watching the video, these guys have really out did the jam. It was pretty cool. Loved it and thank you for sharing @windy


Wow like wow. I don’t know any other song that has put disco vibe with an romantic theme in a song. Hats off to to these amazing guys for making a wonderful song. 


Love how they mixed the vibe of romantic songs with the disco vibe. Like it such a cool and catchy song that I love listening it though out the day. It puts me in a disco mood so easily that I just can’t believe how.