MusicThe Perfect Combo: Two Big Rappers Karik and B Ray Collaborate in “La Qua”

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Karik and B Ray have collaborated on music for the first time in “Lạ Quá” Both fans were flabbergasted by this pairing. B Ray also revealed a great deal about Karik’s attitude and work ethic.

B Ray and Karik debuted a product called “Lạ Quá” in the ending months of 2021, after more than a year since their first collaboration.

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la qua b ray karik mv

credit: “Lạ Quá” MV

The song “Lạ Quá” has made a tremendous impression on the audiences with its catchy sound and strong rap lyrics, despite not being a beautiful love rap song like the two’s forte.

la qua b ray karik viet rap

credit: “Lạ Quá” MV

Although the official MV was unexpectedly removed after a few days, when it first aired, this product swiftly rose to the top of YouTube Vietnam’s top trending list. The two rappers’ melody, rhyme, and flow were much lauded by their followers.

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la qua b ray karik vietnam rap

credit: “Lạ Quá” MV

B Ray revealed to the Showbiz audience that “Lạ Quá” was the product that required the least amount of time to create in his music career. Moreover, B Ray also shared that, even though the product was done promptly by both of them, it was delayed for more than a year by another rapper, who at times completely forgot about the rap. What prompted the duo to release the rap despite the lack of a third rap voice? Please kindly watch the video for more information.

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La Qua:


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I have never been into rap but the song does sound well put together. I think this pop-style rap is a bit easier to listen to then the hardcore stuff for me.


I’m not really into rap but they did a great cooperation


I am not really big into rap, I may have said this before but I can appreciate a good collaboration when I hear one. They did a fantastic job with this one. No wonder people are loving it. 


The perfect combination of 2 rappers with the top fan base in the Vietnamese rap


I like the mix of languages in this one. It hits pretty hard but still sounds upbeat. I think this collab is great and I hope they do more in the future.