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MusicAnother Superb Collab With OnlyC and Karik in “Co Le Anh Chua Tung”

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OnlyC and Karik officially launched their latest MV named “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng”. It is the product marking the imposing comeback of Karik after his phenomenally massive hit “Anh Không Đòi Qùa” released two years ago.

In association with Karik, OnlyC brought up a pianissimo, dulcet ballad which could please his fans in initial notes. The song’s uniqueness is all about its melody that is simple but insightful.

only c karik co le anh chua tung vpop mv

credit: “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng” MV

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The MV was carried out by one of the most prominent directors – Phan Liên. There is also the participation of the two actors – Tú Hảo and Kiều Minh Tuấn.

only c karik co le anh chua tung

OnlyC also took responsibility for composing and producing the song’s melody. “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng” profoundly depicts the inner feelings of a mature guy who has been through lots of breakups and feelings of regret in his love life.

only c karik co le anh chua tung mv

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credit: “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng” MV

OnlyC utilized a simple guitar sound, but intricate, as the main melodies. Besides, “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng” was made by OnlyC based on rapper Karik‘s strength. OnlyC exploited the romantic and deep colors in every single word, different from the previous collaborative projects “Anh Không Đòi Quà”, “Quan Trọng Là Thần Thái” and “Yêu Đơn Phương”.

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co le anh chua tung

credit: “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng” MV

As being revealed, Kiều Minh Tuấn and Tú Hảo will play the roles of protagonists of the MV. The screenplay was inspired by stories of people with an enticing plot showing all the mixed feelings in a relationship such as sweetness, delights, and suffering. In particular, the final twist is promising to take the audience by surprise.

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only c karik co le anh chua tung vietnam rap

credit: “Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng” MV

Within less than 24 hours, the MV reached a million views and swiftly entered the top YouTube trending.

Có Lẽ Anh Chưa Từng: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_TGYUr0Lcs

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OnlyC just made the track sound so super amazing. I just love this collaboration. 

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