MusicRap Viet Contestants Appear in Karik’s MV “Dem Nay Khong Ngu”

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Karik officially introduced the song “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” to the public after days of being equivocal about it on January 1st. It is the very song that was composed and performed by himself all alone.

Additionally, the MV itself was carried out by a member of the SpaceSpeakers music crew – Ứng Duy Kiên (film director). Moreover, JustintechN9 and Bố Thỏ Heo, the two music producers, also partook in producing the MV “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ”.

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karik dem nay khong ngu mv

source: “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” MV

Differentiating from other previous songs about vicissitudes of love and life that the audiences have enjoyed before, the latest music of Karik brings a vibrant melody and bold and vivid images.

dem nay khong ngu karik

source: “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” MV

The delicate pun and rhythm can also be found in the song’s lyrics. It is known that the track “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” is a very laborious project that Karik had nurtured for ages to devote to his cult following in the new year 2021. He hopes to cease all the sadness and struggles in the past year.

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karik dem nay khong ngu

source: “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” MV

The MV “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” witnessed the participation of the Rap Viet show’s candidates such as Ricky Star, Hydra, Nul, Yang, and Duy Andy. It is a pity that the remaining one, G-Ducky, could not attend due to his hectic schedule.

karik dem nay khong ngu viet rap

source: “Đêm Nay Không Ngủ” MV

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Apart from the success of the melody, Karik’s vastly diverse fashion style is a highlight in the MV, which is supposed to engage the attention of people.

Dem Nay Khong Ngu:

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I don’t sleep tonight either 😂


Oh both of the beat and MV are very impressive👍


The production and the song are just phenomenal.  


It’s good song and a great start for the new guy. Hope keeps making good stuff. 


Ooooo. This is nice they brought a new guy in the rap from the vietnam rap show. Hope he keeps making good stuff like this one. 


This is definitely gonna be in my dope songs list. Love it. Keep amazing songs like these coming. 


I’m lovin’ this song. I can’t say I’ve heard his music before, but I think I’m a fan now. :) 

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