MusicJack’s Official MV of “Dom Dom” (Fireflies) Surpasses 78 Million Views After Two Months

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Jack officially released his fairy tale music video named “Đom Đóm” on December 26th after a long-time keeping audiences in suspense.

The song is not a fresh one because long ago, Jack once posted its demo and garnered more than 24 million views on YouTube.

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jack j97 dom dom

credit: Jack’s Facebook

Đom Đóm” is a romantic Pop-Ballad song that has a pianissimo melody and ear-catching lyrics. Earlier, the listeners, especially Jack’s fans had always been curious about how the finished MV would be.

jack dom dom vpop music

credit: Jack’s Facebook

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In comparison to the demo, the official MV “Đom Đóm” with improved production. With a faster tone, it is attemptable to arouse the emotions of audiences.

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jack j97 vpop artist

credit: Jack’s Facebook

The MV “Đom Đóm” tells a fairy tale story of a college girl (Ngọc Trân) and a satyr (Jack). She comes to the forest to carry out field research with her schoolmates. Thanks to that, they have some time to learn about each other.

jack dom dom vpop

credit: Jack’s Facebook

After the one coincidental meeting, Jack falls in love with the girl because she seems to be a green person. After finishing the trip, and the girl goes back to the city, Jack still comes to visit her in silence every single night. Suddenly, a troop of forest pirates attacks his place and burns out the whole woodland after that. To save his homeland, he has to trade his life. The love story also ends up perpetually since then.

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jack dom dom j97 vpop

credit: Jack’s Facebook

It is obvious to see that Jack cleverly inserted a great message about environmental protection in the love story. Natural scenes in the MV were filmed for days and elaborately staged in the primeval forest. Apart from aiming to help protect the green planet, Jack also wants to express more of the meaning of the image of “Đom Đóm”.  Accordingly, fireflies are small creatures but always shine along. Jack’s fandom also has the name Đóm, so it means that fireflies are with him consistently no matter where he is.

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Dom Dom:

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Relax your mind without thinking, feel the lyrics of Jack’s song, you will feel like an adventure into the world in an indescribable way, try it


So cool!!! Sweet voice, melodious melodies, gentle lyrics. A warm love song


The music is really gentle. Oh my, I’m addicted



He can sings very well, but he is a bad man, you know😑


Wow Jack really impressed me by the melody and especially the story of MV. That’s really my typeee . I love it, keep going on Jack❤️


ohhh, handsome, i live jack


Yayyyyyy! Jack’s doing a great job. Love the song definitely worth the love it’s getting. 


Woah I kinda underestimate the potential of this song. I guess jack really out did himself in this one. Congrats to jack and everyone for everyone for a great song to go viral.

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