MusicTung TeA and Tony Huymie Releases “Chon Lao Xao” Inspired by a Famous Poem

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Tùng TeA and Tony Huymie launched a new song named “Chốn Lao Xao” on May 15th, 2020.

The singers work under the Taynguyensound organization and hopefully contribute to developing Tay Nguyen Hip-hop. As you know, this song is inspirited by a famous poem called “Nhàn” by poet Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm.

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chon lao xao tung tea tony huymie mv

source: “Chốn Lao Xao” MV

Recently, this song has reached about 1 million views on YouTube platform. This song is a HipHop Trap song that plays Melodic Rap tendency. “Chốn Lao Xao” continues to be another product of Tung TeA and Tony Huymie with the spirit of promoting the cultural and artistic identity of the Vietnamese people.

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chon lao xao tung tea tony huymie viet rap

source: “Chốn Lao Xao” MV

It is also built and mixed based on more modern and innovative sounds. Thereby, the Vietnamese artists want to bring to the audience a unique and new musical interface. According to Tùng TeA, he said that sometimes he had to work day in and day out.

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tung tea tony huymie rap viet

source: “Chốn Lao Xao” MV

He felt bored and tired. At that time, he thought about a quiet space and his home. Getting away from the spotlight, he returned to Pleiku to take a rest and recharge his batteries. Through this song, Tùng TeA and Toney Huymie want to bring new color and convey a meaningful message that at some time in your life span, you should spend a lot of time for yourself and your relatives to save good memories for yourself.

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chon lao xao tung tea tony huymie rap

source: “Chốn Lao Xao” MV

As the more you grow up, you know that it is a precious time when we can momentarily get away from the hectic whirlwind of daily activities to enjoy our life comfortably without any rush.

chon lao xao tung tea tony huymie

source: “Chốn Lao Xao” MV

They also shared that in the near future, they hope that they as well as the members of the crew, will bring about powerful improvements in both sound and visuals for new products. Moreover, the singers also look forward to and hope to be able to do great music projects with other artists.

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Chon Lao Xao:

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OMG this is the poem my college friend once read aloud in poetry class. The song is pretty cool and so was the poem. 


Pretty good song, shared a bit late but definitely worth the listen I would say. 


@jaden_66 yeah it’s a nice one. Like it’s kindoff underrated. 

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