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Music“Hoa Hai Duong” of Jack (J97) Exceeds 100 Million Views After One Month

Quinn5 months ago

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Within two years since Jack started his singing career, Jack already went through three hard times: firstly, he was a member of G5R crew; secondly, he also created many massive hits when being a part of K-ICM crew; lastly, he is now on the way of pursuing his solo career.

In general, Jack may have changed a bit regarding his music and style, but he has also been the Jack we’ve all come to love.

jack hoa hai duong vpop music

source: “Hoa Hải Đường” MV

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Going far beyond the audiences’ expectations, the new music video “Hoa Hải Đường” – is the key for Jack to unlock many different doors. Therefore, if the MV is not good enough, he would be judged by the people about the time when he worked with the old crews. However, the MV “Hoa Hải Dường” is of flawless music production, and almost has nothing to complain about.

jack j97 hoa hai duong

source: “Hoa Hải Đường” MV

In the MV, Jack plays the role of a traveler who is on the way to finding the reason why he was accused of something unjustly. On that journey, he falls in love with a girl having a chamomile tattoo, and he believes that she is the victim involved in his unjust accused circumstance.

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jack j97 hoa hai duong vpop mv

source: “Hoa Hải Đường” MV

The portrait of Linh Chi perfectly presents a chamomile that is purely gorgeous and sweet-smelling. As a stereotype that we have. “she is just like a chamomile” this is used to describe a beautiful, elegant woman.

jack hoa hai duong vpop mv

source: “Hoa Hải Đường” MV

The MV “Hoa Hải Đường” is staged in medieval times. However, the special thing about this is that Jack, Linh Chi and the rest of the team all put on modern clothes. The MV is a series of delusional and real scenes that made the video tremendously impressive. “Hoa Hải Đường” is a genuinely fantastic video as such.

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Hoa Hai Duong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhg-Gw953b0

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