MusicJombie Officially Released a Meaningful Song at the Time G5R’s YouTube Channel Reached Two Million Subscribers

Quinn4 years ago

On May 5th, G5R’s team leader, Jombie, unveiled a new MV named “Nhất Long Thăng Thiên”. The MV took inspiration from the Vietnamese western kind of thing. “Nhất Long Thăng Thiên” brought up the beautiful, rustic images of Western Vietnam.

The Vietnamese rap song belongs to the rap genre, which is very easy to listen to if you are a person who loves rapping about “real topics”. In comparison to a sequence of songs such as “Đất Sóc”, “Đại Tây Nam”, “Tây Sơn Hào Kiệt”, etc.

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jombie g5r nhat long than thien vietnamese rap


“Nhất Long Thăng Thiên” brought up a completely different, unique approach to dominate over all of them. Perhaps, because the song was based on the experience, the views of life, and the better outlook on things, it made a big difference in G5R’s music style. In a fan meeting, Jombie once shared:

“Nhất Long Thăng Thiên” MV is one of the projects that G5R team and I made as a gift sending out to the audiences, who have been always there to support since the day that G5R first instituted.”

jombie g5r nhat long thang thien


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Moreover, many comments on Facebook asking about the image of glowworm in the MV, which is the most unique and special scene. The glowworm represents the love of Jombie to an older brother who used to be a member of G5R.

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nhat long thang thien g5r jombie


Besides, this is also the way that Jombie showed how he acknowledged and valued the participation of every single member towards this tremendous success and development of the whole crew. More to the point, even though many incidents had happened and caused misunderstandings among G5R’s members, they will always be brothers.

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nhat long thang thien vpop


As known, after the release of “Nhất Long Thăng Thiên” MV, Jombie and G5R will soon launch many new productions in the upcoming days to entertain the rap music aficionados.

“Nhất Long Thăng Thiên” MV has rapidly gained a seat on top YouTube Trending within 9 hours releasing.

Nhat Long Thang Thien:

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