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MusicJombie – Leader of G5R Squad Releases “Sau Hong Gai” Making a Big Comeback for Vietnam Rap

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JOMBIE cooperated with TKAN to officially release the music product “Sầu Hồng Gai” on August 10th.

JOMBIE revealed that the music style of this MV will be different from previous products.

jombie sau hong gai viet rap mv

source: “Sầu Hồng Gai” MV

“Sầu Hồng Gai” marks an impressive combination when the MV boldly exploits new content about the underworld of the gangsters and authentic scenes.

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jombie sau hong gai mv

source: “Sầu Hồng Gai” MV

As an underground rap product, “Sầu Hồng Gai” is as professional as the current Vpop songs with the song reaching more than 20 million views and after 24 hours of release the MV reached the top #33 trending on YouTube.

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jombie sau hong gai rap mv

source: dispatch.vn

Thereby, the MV received the support and praise from the fans, partly proving that JOMBIE‘s recklessness and refreshing music this time is right.

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Sau Hong Gai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP_P-B0YVFk

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Love every bit of it. Even though I’m not that good in vietnamese yet but love the way they make the beat flow with the verses. I better get to listening to the rest of his songs. 


This is such an amazing comeback. This song is good. Like beyond expectations. I like both beats and verse. Even though I don’t listen to much rap but this is good even for a non rap fan.


Vietnam rap has it’s own distinct feel form other regions rap. I can tell you it’s fun and something worth the repeat. Especially this song. 


I love Vietnam rap, wish more artists in the genre were famous all over the world. Really loving the new song. Might have to buy this album now. :) 

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