MusicVietnamese Rapper Ricky Star Teams up With Singer Khoa in “Thuong Tham” Bringing an Unfinished Love Story

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Ricky Star’s full name is Trần Tiến. He was born June 26th, 1994 in Cần Thơ. He is not only a talented Vietnamese rapper but also a Vietnamese young producer.

Moreover, he has established his firm called WildGene Studio since 2018. He is known as a battle rapper with B Ray. He is popular among the young generation when he released the song “Lý Cây Bông”.

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ricky star khoa vietnamese rap


On August 8th, Ricky Star officially launched a new product named “Thương Thầm”. This song is combined with a young singer named Nguyễn Khoa who has been in songs of Kay Trần and Lăng LD such as “Chuyện Tình Tôi” and “Ý Em Sao”.

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ricky star thuong tham viet rap

source: “Thương Thầm” MV

Different from other songs of his, Ricky Star mixed between Pop and R&B style into this song.“Thương Thầm” brings a new life into the Vietnamese music market because of its melody.

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ricky star khoa thuong tham vpop

source: “Thương Thầm” MV

Besides that, Ricky Star and Khoa decided to perform this music video following a simple style. The MV’s background is just a basketball yard with vintage color without dramatic content. Thanks to this, the audiences can focus on their performance.

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ricky star khoa thuong tham

source: “Thương Thầm” MV

Its content talks about his love story in high school. He shared that when he was a young guy, he was really into a girl who is his classmate. However, he was shy to show his sentiment to her. Now that girl is married.

ricky star thuong tham khoa


Through this song, he wants to convey a message that if you have an opportunity to show your feelings to your crush, let’s do it immediately. Ricky Star also talks that sometimes, he is so shy.

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Thuong Tham:


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The collab is amazing. I love it. Hope they make another amazing song like this again. Or maybe something even better and unique. 


The song Bac Kim Thang I have heard about 5 times has successfully covered, the sentence is simple, the melody is close and permeable.


This is such a soothing duo collab.