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Telling the sadness of youth is very beautiful and the band The Cassette is receiving love from the Vietnamese Indie music community for their song “Khoảng Cách”.

Starting their musical activities in 2018, the group has gradually matured and left an impression in the hearts of listeners with the first album of 10 songs called “Rừng Đom Đóm”. The Cassette shared, “This album is all we read – hear – see. We listen to the world and rewrite our songs.”

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the cassette khoang cach mv

photo: “Khoảng Cách” MV

“Khoảng Cách” is the 6th track on this album. Because of the familiar sweet and gentle melody, this song is one of the most loved songs by the audience! The content of the song is the regret in love, the distance makes the two gradually drift apart, but perhaps they always look forward to being together again.

Every word of the song is very good and meaningful, so it is highly appreciated and praised by the audience

Watching each passing rain.

Ask why the only thing stopping us is a distance.

Find reasons to go back in time.

So that we can love one more time next season.

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The MV for the song “Khoảng Cách” is also a part of the success. The MV was carefully invested, has many beautiful scenes, and exudes a melodious and mellow look, so it is loved by many people.

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Because the group currently has only 2 members, there are still many difficulties. Although not too famous, The Cassette still has its distinctive features. Perhaps what they are always trying to do is in the positive comments from the listeners.

Good music, beautiful MV, everything is great!

Never disappointed in the group’s music

Let’s enjoy the song “Khoảng Cách” as well as the album “Rừng Đom Đóm” and leave your comments below please.

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Khoang Cach:

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I just introduced a friend of mine to this band and he ended up loving their music. He is very open to different styles of music from different countries. Even listens to Swedish death metal lol


This is such a great song. I am new to this band but they really have a good look and energy. I am going to have to check out more of their music. They seem fairly new but already evolved to find their perfect set when it comes to music. 


I love their style and their energy. It reminds me a lot of vintage late ’80s and early ’90s out west. Very chilled and down to earth. Love their music. 


It almost seems like they have been a group for so much longer. I love their music and having seen the changes they made, I feel like they will be around for a long time. 


More attention needs to be put on this group. I love what they are doing and how they have evolved and grew in just a few years. 


I like the story this music video shows. It is perfect for the song itself. It almost feels like the music video was created before the music itself to tell the story!


This song reminds me of one I heard before. I can’t quite place it. I know it was an American singer. The melody is so familiar. Beautiful song!