MusicKhai Dinh Releases “Vay La Ta Mat Nhau” Part 2 of the Hit Song “Hom Nay Em Cuoi Roi”

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Recently, on Khải Đăng’s personal YouTube channel, he officially launched the tremendously invested MV – “Vậy Là Ta Mất Nhau”. The song was written by the talented musician Issac Thai – a close friend of the male singer.

Due to social distancing, the entertainment activities in Vietnam are almost frozen. However, instead of choosing solutions such as shooting at home or producing lyric MVs, Khải Đăng decided to make the MV “Vậy Là Ta Mất Nhau” in another country to give his fans the most perfect musical experience.

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khai dang vay la ta mat nhau mv

credit: “Vậy Là Ta Mất Nhau” MV

Most of the MV filming process had to be done in the US, therefore, Khải Đăng has faced many difficulties and challenges. He had to go through every step by himself, from finding a filming crew in the US to casting actors, all working remotely. Interestingly, when choosing the female lead, Khải Đăng discovered that the two (Khải Đăng and the girl) had acted in an advertisement together before.

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khai dang vay la ta mat nhau

credit: “Vậy Là Ta Mất Nhau” MV

According to Khải Đăng, the MV “Vậy Là Ta Mất Nhau” was filmed rapidly in one day. Afterward, because the size was too large, it took more than three days for all the files to arrive in Vietnam.

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The MV “Vậy Là Ta Mất Nhau” revolves around the long-distance relationship of Khải Đăng and his ex-girlfriend. A few months after breaking up, she got married to someone else and heartlessly sent Khải Đăng a wedding invitation. The lyrics are simple, rustic but empathetic, mixed with Khải Đăng’s characteristic and passionate voice, making listeners feel like they have stepped into the tearful love story of the MV. In addition, The audiences have also had a chance to immerse themselves in magnificent and poetic oceanic scenes through each cinematic footage in the MV.

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Vay La Ta Mat Nhau:

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Oh I like the style of her hair, so attractive 👍😂


Close friend!? I would totally love to see this be something more. They have such good chemistry and you can tell they care about each other here. There is no faking it. This is a great song as well and was beautifully shot for the video. 


@kikobeep That is exactly what I thought! I guess some people just can have the right chemistry but not be at the right point in life for each other? 


What is an awesome music video! This is the latest release that I expected. I can’t remember how many times I have already repeated this MV on Youtube.


This was nicely done, all things considered, and happening in the world. I mean I kind of prefer to see music videos done more intimately like this. I don’t like the overly flashy ones with a bunch of people. It is distracting!