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MusicKarik Plays a Hitman and Lock Lips With Hot Actress Duong Minh Ngoc in “Dau Vay Du Roi” Featuring V.P.Tien

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The song “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” is a catchy melody with the lyrics full of emotions performed by Vũ Phụng Tiên. The impressive rap part was performed by Karik and the music was also composed by him.

The music video “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” was released on June 5th, 2020 on KARIK’s YouTube Channel.

karik vptien dau vay du roi vpop

source: nhatbaoviet.net

Karik’s character in the MV is inspired by the character called Hitman. The music video “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” is a story about a couple who are part of an assassination organization (played by Karik and Dương Minh Ngọc).

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karik dau vay du roi vpop music

source: “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” MV

Day by day, they become to have sentiments with each other, because they have gone through many missions together. They just want the tranquility of their love story. Everything has not stopped there yet when the leader requests Karik to complete the final mission.

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karik vptien dau vay du roi

source: kenh14.vn

This is the most difficult mission than any other mission before. He must kill the girl whom he loves. The ending of the music video “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” impressed the audiences more than ever, because Karik kills the people in the organization of assassination. And more special than that, the girl is the police.

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karik dau vay du roi vpop mv

source: “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” MV

Due to the attractive content combined with the catchy melody, the music video “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” received many positive comments from the audiences.

karik dau vay du roi vpop music vptien

source: “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” MV

The music video “Đau Vậy Đủ Rồi” currently has over 12 million views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this splendid song like other songs of Karik such as “Người Lạ Ơi” (Karik, Orange, Superbrothers),”Không Yêu Đừng Gây Thương Nhớ” (LyLy, Karik” and “Quan Trọng Là Thần Thái” (OnlyC, Karik).

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karik vptien dau vay du roi vpop music video

source: nhatbaoviet.net

Also listen to other great songs of Vũ Phụng Tiên such as “Muốn Dụ Em Hay Gì”(V.O.X, Vũ Phụng Tiên) and “Boom Shakalaka”(Vũ Phụng Tiên, Addy Trần).

Dau Vay Du Roi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amyPCmf9jrw

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I love this song! Karik and Minh Ngoc look amazing in this MV.

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