MusicThey’re Back! Miu Le and Karik Tops Music Charts With “Vi Me Anh Bat Chia Tay”

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Releasing on June 13th, a new product named “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” is storming the charts and collecting impressive achievements.

At present, “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” MV that Karik collaborated with Miu Lê, gained over 25 million views and more than 450 thousand likes on YouTube.

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vi me anh bat chia tay miu le karik mv

photo: “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” MV

Moreover, “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” has received Top 1 Music Trending YouTube in Vietnam, Top 10 in Australia, and Top 17 in Singapore. Besides, it reached the Top 25 Worldwide Trending on YouTube Music.

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The content of this MV is easy to follow. The love story of Miu Lê and Karik is strictly forbidden by his mother. Miu Lê plays a strong girl and Karik a mama’s boy. When Karik says he cannot accompany her, Miu Lê is very angry because of baseless reasons from him.

karik vi me anh bat chia tay

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photo: “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” MV

For example, his mother forces him to break up, and he had to break up because he wants to focus on his career. Even, though Miu Lê has been by his side for a long time, he says that they are not compatible. This is also a popular phenomenon among couples when one of them wants to break up without finding good reasons. They will bring parents as a right reason to leave someone.

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miu le karik vi me anh bat chia tay

photo: “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” MV

The audience favors this song because it has an eye-catching melody and simple and meaningful content. Besides, this MV is carefully planned by director Đinh Hà Uyên Thư. Miu Lê revealed that “Vì Mẹ Anh Bắt Chia Tay” was a song that she and Châu Đăng Khoa (Karik) all spent a lot of time editing, recording, and producing many remixes.

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Miu Lê shared that all her products have not still reached Top Trending before. But, she has never felt pressured to gain any rank for her products.  This is the first time, she has done it so she is quite surprised.

Vi Me Anh Bat Chia Tay:

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I just listened to Vi Em La Oxy by Miu Le and Karik and I am absolutely loving it! The melody is so catchy and both artists sound amazing together. The music video is also stunning and it really adds to the overall vibe of the song. Have you listened to this song yet? What do you think about it?


You can tell people missed them. Wow, this song has over 50 million views! I have contributed to that. I have it on my playlist and have it playing at least 5 times a day since its release! 


She looks very happy to be destroying things. I have to admit, I would not be able to trust a woman like that! haha It is a good song and the music video was done well. The black dress looks amazing on her. 


Love this song. I bet it stays at the top of the charts for several months, at least in the top 3 spots. I normally don’t care for music like this but they did a great job with this one. 


Wow, this is a really good one!
I had not heard it until just now. I must have missed it. I could have sworn I had them on my YouTube sub feed.


This was added to my playlist soon as it dropped. 
A friend of mine who doesn’t even listen to vpop heard it and loves it. I think she is going to start getting into it now, I am excited! 


The music video is really good and the song is going to be a huge hit during the summer months. So glad they are both back. I am not shocked at all this is at the top of the charts either. 


LOVE THIS ONE! They came back with such a strong song. This is going to be added to my playlist tonight. I heard it 7 times already. Cannot get enough!