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MusicNgo Kien Huy Releases “Quay Lai Lai Yeu” Filmed At a Nha Trang Resort

Quinn6 months ago

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Ngô Kiến Huy continued to release the second MV in the year 2021 named “Quay Lại Lại Yêu” – a song composed by one of the youngest, talented Vietnamese musician Vương Anh Tú.

Ngô Kiến Huy said that he wanted to thank all the people who have been supporting him since the previous hit “Truyền Thái Y”.

quay lai lai yeu ngo kien huy vuong anh tu

credit: Ngô Kiến Huy’s Facebook 

The MV’s content revolves around the story of a guy traveling all alone and suddenly happens to go back to an old place where he used to take his ex-girlfriend to and have so many flashbacks.

quay lai lai yeu ngo kien huy vpop

credit: Ngô Kiến Huy’s Facebook

With such a transparent and opening space of the room, he could effortlessly reminisce her virtual figure and the old memories that they have together. Every time he goes to the place, he seems to be walking down memory land. There are always some splashes of present and memories in his head that lead to tormenting feelings to people who are watching the MV.

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ngo kien huy vuong anh tu quay lai lai yeu

credit: Ngô Kiến Huy’s Facebook

The MV is considered a human culture gift with a meaningful slogan towards young couples “Before giving up, do think of the reason why to begin”. Ngô Kiến Huy also said that Vương Anh Tú was being very clear in the message that he wanted to convey. It is shown in every word of the song, especially in the two sentence: “Đừng vô cớ bên ai khi chúng ta đang gặp phải những trở ngại, mà hãy quay đầu lại biết đâu ta lại yêu” and “Đừng dùng những tâm tư riêng để áp đặt người mình vốn dĩ thương. Đừng vô lý giận hờn khiến tình yêu bất thường”.

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quay lai lai yeu ngo kien huy vpop

credit: Ngô Kiến Huy’s Facebook

Being a kind of fastidious musician, therefore, Vương Anh Tú is always more prudent when it comes to choosing a singer to perform his song. He said that he was impressed by Ngô Kiến Huy because Huy seemed to be a good listener and an excellent adaptor.

ngo kien huy quay lai lai yeu

credit: Ngô Kiến Huy’s Facebook

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Within the first two months of 2021, Ngô Kiến Huy managed to bring up two MV, “Phéo Thần Thông”, and “Quay Lại Lại Yêu”. Huy shared that he wanted to prove that not only is he versatile in other roles but also music as well.

Ngo Kien Huy quay lal lai yeu vpop

credit: Ngô Kiến Huy’s Facebook

Earlier, the tune “72 Phép Thần Thông” also reached the Top 2 YouTube Trending, and that also contributed to prove Ngô Kiến Huy’s ability in performing dance music style.

Quay Lai Lai Yeu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93WhpRfkkBk

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Bắp (Ngô Kiến Huy) is still handsome as before 🤩
this song just made my feeling. If it’s our destiny, we will remeet for sure…


The story of the MV is my dream 😍


@aang_avatar mine too 😍😍


I liked it a lot 😌


Such a cutie MV ❤️


I love it. The first MV was amazing, this is amazing as well. 


@sienna_davis true that. The 1st one was definitely amazing. 


She is soon gonna be a top hit on the charts ✨


@walikirito she definitely is going to be ✨

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