Music“Chi La Khong Cung Nhau” by Truong Thao Nhi and Tang Phuc Causes a Storm

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For the past several days, the Vietnamese song “Chỉ Là Không Cùng Nhau” of Trương Thảo Nhi and Tăng Phúc that has a popular Chinese melody has been searched the most by Vietnamese music listeners.

Earlier, the original version of it, “Thời Không Sai Lệch” of Ngải Thần, also created a sensation in the world of music lovers. That, somehow, is considered the leverage for the song “Chỉ Là Không Cùng Nhau” to become more and more prevalent after launching.

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tang phuc truong thao nhi chi la khong cung nhau

credit: “Chỉ Là Không Cùng Nhau” MV

Not only was the song well received but it also ruled over numerous music charts. In particular, within four days, the audio version and the initial live video has been massively loved and reached the Top 1 Zing Chart with five million views after 48 hours on this channel.

chi la khong cung nhau tang phuc truong thao nhi

credit: “Chỉ Là Không Cùng Nhau” MV

Additionally, this collaboration of Trương Thảo Nhi and Tăng Phúc also surpassed the big hit “Cho Mình Em” of Binz and Đen Vâu to become the Top 1 YouTube Trending with more than six million views. On TikTok, “Chỉ Là Không Cùng Nhau” is also used as background music of more than 30 million videos.

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chi la khong cung nhau tang phuc truong thao nhi vpop mv

credit: “Chỉ Là Không Cùng Nhau” MV

Those outstanding numbers partly proved the popularity of this collaboration. It is also said that the lyrics are the very reason that helped the song become so popular. Nguyễn Quốc Huy, the composer wrote lines that inwardly touched listeners’ feelings. They seem to see themselves in every line, especially the last four lines:

“Giờ buông tay để được thấy về sau

Trả người về những ngày tháng chưa bắt đầu

Ai rồi cũng sẽ tìm được ấm êm sau khổ đau

Chỉ là không cùng nhau”.

Chi La Khong Cung Nhau:

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The melody of Chinese songs are beautiful and the lyric of this song touched deep inside my soul…
In youth, we learned from each other and taught each other how is love. But then all our efforts we give to others…


I like it cuz it is so relaxing ❤️


I like it cuz it so relaxing ❤️


This is such a soothing live performance 😍


@aang_avatar and the best part is that they singed it still so well. ❤️


I love it. It’s so soothing ❤️


@jaden_66 the vibe is just phenomenal 😍


This chinese melody has some fascinating tune to it. I kinda like it. 


@walikirito I like it as well. They really put in a lot of effort to make this remake. 


@walikirito yup her voice and that Mandarin melody were phenomenal. 

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