Two Members of Da L...

Two Members of Da LAB Bring 70s Disco Dance To Vpop With "CILU" (Cuz I Luv U)  

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The song “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” brings the Disco color with its catchy tune combined with the romantic and lovely lyrics performed and composed by JGKiD and MPaKK.

The music video “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” was released on November 30th, 2020 on Da LAB Official’s YouTube Channel. The music video “CILU (Cuz I Luv U)” describes a vibrant singing performance of two singers (played by JGKiD and MPaKK). The audiences and the…

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Love how they mixed the vibe of romantic songs with the disco vibe. Like it such a cool and catchy song that I love listening it though out the day. It puts me in a disco mood so easily that I just can't believe how. 

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Wow like wow. I don't know any other song that has put disco vibe with an romantic theme in a song. Hats off to to these amazing guys for making a wonderful song. 

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Like I was watching the video, these guys have really out did the jam. It was pretty cool. Loved it and thank you for sharing @windy

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This is a pretty funky and cool vibe song. I like the vibe like disco party and a love song is kind of encouraging instead of bringing your mood down it boosts it up in a groovy way. 

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This is the first time I've listened to these artists and I gotta say I'm impressed, great song vocals and instrumentals are great as heck. Thanks for sharing this song @Windy


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