MusicChi Pu Experiments by Filming “Mo Anh” Entirely With a Green Screen Allowing Fans To Edit the Backdrop

Quinn3 years ago

Combining the summer vibe, the MV “Mơ Anh” is a rebellious, unique experiment that Chi Pu brought up in the summer of 2020.

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After introducing to people the audio of the track “Mơ Anh” in the show named “Chi Pu’s Greatest Show” recently. On September 3rd, Chi Pu officially released the music video of the song itself on her YouTube.

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mo anh chi pu vpop

source: Chi Pu’s Facebook

The tune is the newest single of her in the halcyon days of 2020. The MV “Mơ Anh” was assessed that was going to be a meticulously invested song like the previous one, but it does not.

chi pu mo anh vpop mv

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source: Chi Pu’s Facebook

Besides, Chi Pu took the audience by a huge surprise. The gorgeous singer decided to go with an irreducible style. In the MV, Chi Pu was all alone dancing in a bundle of best clothes that show the best of her impeccable, sexy body.

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chi pu mo anh vpop music

source: Chi Pu’s Facebook

Without any supports from people or PR, Chi Pu alone is still as shiny as a gorgeous scarlet rose. Sharing about this audacious idea, Chi Pu and her production crew expected to bring out an unprecedented project to the people who were then, and still support Chi Pu in her singing career.

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chi pu mo anh vpop music video

source: Chi Pu’s Facebook

In particular, the viewers can also create their favorite background to be used in the video. Therefore, it can help create a special connection between them. After that, Chi Pu will pick up the most creative design, and then make another version of the MV “Mơ Anh” with that chosen idea.

Mo Anh:


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